For the one-year anniversary of New York Cookie Monsters Anonymous, Daniel and Andrea attempt to find New York City’s best Black and White Cookie. Our cookie bloggers visit two of the city’s most established bakeries, Glaser’s of the Upper East Side and Moishe’s in the East Village.

Who will win the prestigious title of NY Cookie Monster Anonymous’s Favorite Black and White Cookie of 2011? Stay tuned to find out!

It’s the start of a new school year and nothing goes better with a slice of cheesy pizza and ice cold beer than a gooey chocolate chip cookie from NYU campus fav Insomnia Cookies. Tucked away in the West Village, this late night co-ed staple had cookie bloggers Daniel and Andrea both wide awake and taking notes.

They’re at it again! This month finds the daring duo in a race against time as they attempt to make it to the bakery before closing. Will they reach their destination in time? Will Daniel try something other than plain chocolate chip? Will Andrea find a better tasting cookie than Lavain? Find out the answer to all these questions and more in this month’s installment of New York Cookie Bloggers Anonymous…Tumblr…Blog.

June (and the cookie blog) is bustin’ out all over! Follow the trials and tribulations of bloggers Andrea and Daniel as they traverse the mean city streets of New York in the search for the greatest cookie in existence. 

This month the duo finds themselves thwarting off street vendors and commercially mass produced baked products before finally finding Milk and Cookies Bakery in the west village. Andrea had the oat nut surprise while Daniel had the chocolate chip. The pair also shared a chocolate mint chip.

Watch what happens!

In this issue of NYCOOKIEMONSTERS (anonymous). Andrea and Daniel headed uptown (sort of) to a tiny hole-in-the-wall…just kidding, to a French chain of expensive boutique bakeries otherwise known as Bouchon.

Did the duo think the $3 price tag per treat was worth it? Was the milk steamed or boiled? Did Daniel happen to knock over some pedestrians in his quest for the perfect chocolate chip morsel? Find out in this month’s installment of NYCOOKIEMONSTERS (anonymous).

Highlights: Andrea tried the “Double Chocolate Chunk” cookie while Daniel stuck with the familiar classic, “Chocolate Chip” cookie.

In this month’s installment of NY Cookie Monsters Anonymous (or whatever they call themselves these days), Andrea and Daniel head across the street to New York’s best kept secret…Myzel’s.

What’s the big secret you say? Well, I wouldn’t put all my “eggs” in one “basket” but I have a strong feeling that it just may be Myzel’s is the Easter Bunny’s hideout. Seriously, watch the video above and TELL me that’s not the home of New York’s Easter Bunny!?

Also, we realize we forgot to post February and March’s cookie blog so stay tuned for those videos.

Suggestions are always welcome and please feel free to leave comments below!

Travelling farther back in time…

Hi there friends of cookies!  Daniel here for my first official Cookie Monsters Anonymous Post.  Let’s talk about where it all began, shall we?  I was out to dinner with my friend’s Matt and Caitlin, playing third wheel as always.  (I make a really good third wheel, in case you were wondering.)  Somehow, the subject of cookies came up, and Matt suggested that the best cookie in New York City is that of Jacques Torres in the Chelsea Market.  I usually try to stay away from the Chelsea Market (expensive, organic foods are my downfall), but I knew that I could not miss the best cookie in New York City.  I proposed it to Andrea (at the time, our desks were right across from each other….good times), and thus our first “cookie date” was born.

                 October, When It’s Still Warm Enough to Walk Outside

Our office is in the northern part of Midtown on 7th Avenue, and the Chelsea Market is at 9th Ave between 15th and 16th.  We decided to walk - a lovely stroll down 9th Ave, just 40 blocks (~2 miles)!  Once at the Chelsea Market, we walked up and down the main hallway for a good 20 minutes before we found the place.  When we did find, we were a bit confused.  They only had one cookie (how could the best cookie in New York come from a place with only one variety?) and there were about three of them sitting in a glass case on the counter.  We purchased our cookies, and discovered there was no milk.  I could speak for hours about the importance of a cookie joint serving milk, but I’ll spare you (for now).  Let’s just say that a cookie without milk is like raw chicken - you just shouldn’t eat it (I make ridiculous, nonsensical analogies sometimes).  We went across the hall to the organic food market in hopes of a Milk Chug, but no such luck.

Resigned to eat our cookies without milk, we sat down for what would be the first of many cookies to come.  The Jacques Torres cookie actually has layers of chocolate folded into cookie dough.  It’s quite delicious, but I would recommend getting there when they are still warm.  I would say our experience with said cookie in the evening was less than we had hoped for.  Still, it was an historic event, this the first of the cookies.

We worked off our calories by taking a short walk through Highline Park - one of my favorite spots in New York.

This concludes my recap of our first cookieventure.

Before and after at Levain bakery!

What is this?

Andrea and Daniel work at a tech company in midtown Manhattan.  They are friends.  They enjoy cookies.  New York City has delicious cookies.  Once a month, they seek out the “best” cookie the city has to offer.  Then they blog about it.

Following their noses through the twists and turns of New York’s West Village, The NY Cookie Bloggers once again find themselves on the hunt  for the best of the baked below 14th street. In this month’s episode, Daniel and Andrea happen upon an Italian historical culinary landmark (and no, it’s not Eataly). Will the duo defy their cookie finding mission and sample the bakery’s world famous cannoli? Will Andrea get Alex the Waiter’s phone number? Will Daniel take pride in the rainbow cookie? Find out in this installment of NY Cookie Monsters Anonymous.